Saturday, May 11, 2013

New color Yamaha Vega ZR

Currently I am still always looking for information on updates to the motorcycle, this time I get updates from Yamaha Vega ZR motorcycle, with new graphics and new color white discharge is cleaner and brighter.

This change comes with a feature Vega ZR Sporty and dynamic look. Lift core concept of light energy that gives new spirit and dynamic for the users of Vega ZR. New striping is found on the leg shield and side cover Vega ZR blue, red, green, black and white new, bright (pure white). In addition to Vega ZR blue, green and red graphic provided appropriate accent the main color, red to white and black accent accented gold. Vega ZR white bike is a hero chosen to pamper customers.

The Vega ZR logo is seen on is easier to read, found on the left side of the leg shield and the right and left side cover. There was no change in engine specifications and prices. Type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve SOHC, air cooled and with a capacity of 113 cc. This machine is capable of generating power for up to 6 kW at 7500 rpm rotation with peak torque reached 8.3 Nm at 4500 rpm. Price on the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas 12.100.000 rupiah.